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Welcome to Animation Boot Camp. We are an Animation Production company with a bit of a twist.

We are a team of experts in all aspect of CG production, from Concept and design, through production and into editing and sound mixing.... but if you just need a modeller or an Animator for a small part of your project, we are that too. Basically, we are whatever you want us to be. We set up because we realised that when we were being hired as freelancers, we often had to communicate to other freelancers at different stages of the pipeline. There's a settling in period when working with new people, where you learn each others limitations and their areas of expertise.

Wouldn't it be much more efficient to get a group of freelancers that already worked well together? Yeah, we thought the same.....

We are available for projects of all sizes Get in touch if you would like a quote.

What is ABC? Why are we different? Who are we?
We are an Animation production company with a difference. We are a close bunch of friends and former colleagues who are dedicated to making CG Animation to the highest possible standard. We are available for all projects, no matter the size or style you're looking for and at a fantastic price.
We're kind of like the Avengers.

We are scalable. We can react and adapt to any project that comes our way because we have a network of over 20 artists, who are experts in many different roles within the CG industry. We can be hired as individual freelancers, or can get the right team together to work on bigger projects.
We're not a one size fits all company....
We are kind of like a mini network of professionals that have worked together, work well together and enjoy working together. We understand how difficult it is to hire multiple freelancers and keep them all on track during a project, so we came together and made it easier on the client... you!.
Like I said, we're a bit like the Avengers.
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